Donovan Edwards, Cal Football Alum (via

Undrafted Free Agents Jeremy Ross and Donovan Edwards Set to Sign with NFL Teams

Jeremy Ross, Cal Football Alum

Jeremy Ross and Donovan Edwards, both Cal Football Alums, are set to sign with NFL teams. Both players went undrafted in the 2011 NFL Draft and had to endure a grueling 132 day lockout. They kept working hard and training for this opportunity today, to get picked up by a NFL team, but it was still a tough situation as they didn’t know if they would even get an opportunity to attend camp with a team. Let’s look at the details of their signings:

Jeremy Ross will have an opportunity to practice with the New England Patriots and his Cal buddy (and 2nd Round Draft Pick) Shane Vereen.  Here’s what Jeremy Ross had to say (via Twitter)
@J_Ross_3: Thank you God, I’m officially with the New England Patriots #PatsNation
I think Jeremy Ross found a great team in the New England Patriots. He could definitely become a great return man for them and have a substantial career in the National Football League. I’m glad after all the waiting and drama, Jeremy Ross found a team that he is happy with. Hopefully, Cal fans can now watch Ross hurdle players every Sunday in the fall instead of Saturdays.
Details on Donovan Edwards after the jump.

Donovan Edwards, Cal Football Alum (via

Donovan Edwards on the other hand his keeping his talents in the Bay as he will sign with the San Francisco 49ers. Here’s what Donovan Edwards had to say (via Twitter):

@DonovanEdwards: Thank God and to everyone who has supported this far! Getting an opportunity with the San Francisco 49ers!
Even if you aren’t a 49ers fan, you can still be happy that they finally will give a Cal Football Alum a chance to prove himself (see Aaron Rodgers, Desean Jackson, Cameron Jordan on people they had a chance to get, but didn’t). The Niners’ offensive line isn’t the best, but it will still be tough for Edwards to make the team. Definitely harder for Edwards than Ross to make a team, but if Donovan can put in more hard work and show Harbaugh that he can produce some results in training camp, then he could stay around.
Even if Jeremy Ross and Donovan Edwards don’t make the team in the end, it is still a good thing that they have a chance to do it, when for 132 days it was uncertain if this opportunity would ever arise.
Good luck to Jeremy Ross and Donovan Edwards!

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