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Interesting Tidbits from Jeff Tedford and Larry Scott Interviews on 95.7 The Game

Both Jeff Tedford and Larry Scott were interviewed today on 95.7 The Game (Bay Area Sports Radio). Some of you may have missed it, so here are some of the interesting tidbits as well as links for both interviews.

Cal Football Head Coach Jeff Tedford:

-5 or 6 guys from the 2011 Football Recruiting Class could get playing time this season and the class as a whole probably has the most ability to contribute early than any class Cal has had.

-It doesn’t make him nervous that Cal has so many young players because they must have earned the right to play. He said he has been pleased with them and he won’t put them in a position to jeopardize the team.

-Excited about the transition of Zach Maynard from Spring Practice.

-There will be more designed QB runs because of Zach’s mobility, but they have to be careful not to get him clobbered. Tedford believes however that Zach knows when to go down and not take a nasty hit.

After the jump, more interesting tidbits and links to online podcast for both interviews.

-Pac-12 has quality quarterbacks and many different systems (spread, pro, pistol, etc…)

-We probably will (surprise!) see a Runnning Back by committee this season. Deeper at RB position than ever, but not one is coming back as a proven star. Tedford believes that one RB or a couple of RBs have the talent to be productive this season. Then he goes on to basically say “In Gould We Trust”.

-Recruiting is different than it used to be with social media. Rules are forever changing because of social media.

Here’s the link to the Jeff Tedford interview which you can listen to online.

Pac-12 Commissioner Larry Scott:

-There were many great objectives including getting all games for Football & Men’s Basketball, more exposure for Olympic Sports, and more and the result was two amazing deals. One with Fox & ESPN for primetime games and the other with Brighthouse, Comcast, Cox, and others for Pac-12 National & Regional Networks.

-A lot of competition for Pac-12 Rights so Fox and ESPN both realized that they wouldn’t win on they own, so to beat tons of other competitors, they came together to make an unprecedented proposal.

-They didn’t have the Regional Networks part in their plan at the starting, but the Cable Partners suggested it and Larry Scott & Pac-12 loved it.

-Big job to actually turn all these deals into reality including a very long to-do list.

-Next 12 months, they have to build an operation that would hold 7 networks, produce over 850 events starting next August, create a digital network, sell sponsorships that they took back from Fox, first ever Football Championship game, and planning the future location(s) of the Pac-12 Basketball Tournaments.

-Looking at a bunch of options for model for Pac-12 Basketball Tournament Location. It’s mainly based on interest and it could be a rotation, but he expects a ton of interest from different areas.

-Excited for the first Pac-12 Football Season.

Link to Larry Scott Interview podcast

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