Cal Football Recruiting Update: The Scoop on Cal's 2012 Offensive Linemen Recruiting

Golden Bear Lair is going to start to go more in-depth about Cal Football Recruiting and recruiting for other major Cal Sports. We have developed some sources who are willing to pass along information about recruiting to us and then we will publish it for all Cal fans to see. This is just the first post of many that will have information about Recruiting that you normally can’t find most other places without becoming a paid subscriber or constantly browsing the internet for hours. We hope you start to make Golden Bear Lair an important source for your Recruiting fix.

The big worry with Cal fans is that there have been no great Offensive Line commits, a position that everyone wants to see become a huge strength again for this team. The Class of 2012 is filled with talented Offensive Linemen and Cal is going after many of them. There have been no results and no commits yet so Cal fans have been left wondering if they will ever come.

The answer right now? Currently, the Offensive Linemen that Cal is targeting look to be committing later in the cycle, at the moment, according to our source. There is an outside shot one of them takes the plunge in November for Cal, but it looks as if things will be winding down after Cal’s big recruiting weekend after the regular season, which will be taking place the weekend of December 10th. The estimate from our source is that this particular weekend is the most likely chance for an OL commitment. Also, because Cal is targeting some top guys, Cal could have to wait a bit longer, like when the all-star games (US Army, etc.) are played in January.

Although it seems that there will be no commitments in the near future, the recruit that our source sees as being closest to committing, would be Freddie Tagaloa (who is being recruited by Tosh Lupoi). Freddie Tagaloa, Matt Cochran (who could play center or guard and this is a Cal v. Auburn battle, though if Alabama offered he would commit there), and Josh Garnett form the core of Cal’s OL recruiting efforts at the moment. Cal is also working on Jordan Simmons (recent USC commit) and Kyle Murphy (who has offers from every Pac-12 school and a bunch of others), and trying to flip Paul Thurston and Joey O’Connor from Nebraska and Penn State respectively. Cal will likely continue after Simmons despite his USC recruitment per our source as well. The plan is to take 5-6 OL overall in this class.

Another interesting tidbit to report as well. Cal looks really good with Arik Armstead at the moment, the #1 ranked OT in the nation, although unfortunately, he wants to play DL in college, and he’ll be able to pick whatever position he wants.

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