The news we’ve been hoping for has been delivered. Cal baseball will not be leaving after this year. The team has been reinstated, for now and moving forward.

First, we have to say thank you to all those who donated and contributed to the effort. A special one goes to Stu Gordon and Doug Nickle, both who helped set up Save Cal Baseball. Without them, we would not be celebrating today.

Moving forward, the original decision is a big blow to the future of the program. With no security moving forward, it had to be impossible for Dave Esquer to recruit anybody. This recruiting class will have to be filled with players that are still uncommitted at this point, which is not the cream of the crop. Already a few players with promising futures have transferred. While the program should be okay going into the future, this decision certainly is a blow to recruiting. A program, however, is better than no program, no matter what the circumstances are.

This a day to celebrate. Cal will not be without baseball in the near future, as the national past time will be a program going into the next decade. Now, we can be happy for Cal baseball and be hopeful for men’s gymnastics being reinstated. Go Bears!