Looking at where the Bears will be headed for postseason play


Tomorrow is college baseball’s Selection Sunday. Cal will most certainly be part of the field, but where and how is definitely still in question. One thing is for certain: Cal can certainly help their case with a strong showing in today’s doubleheader against Stanford.

Cal is currently projected as a #2 seed in the 4 team pods that exist in the NCAA Baseball Tournament. That much is pretty much assured. However, who they play and where they play is very much in the air. Here’s what the “bracketologists” have to say:

ESPN: #2 seed, same regional as (4) Vanderbilt

College Baseball Daily: #2 seed, same regional as (5) Virginia

Baseball America: #2 seed, same regional as (2) Virginia

Building the Dam: #2 seed, same regional as Rice

The best of those projections for Cal is definitely the Building the Dam one. At this point, the Bears don’t have a huge preference on which team they play, just two things they don’t want to see. Coming from Berkeley, they definitely don’t want to make a trip deep into the east coast. And just like any other team, the Bears want to miss the higher level national seeds, such as Vanderbilt and Virginia. As long as those two things are avoided, Cal should be pretty happy. The Bears have put themself in a position where winning this series against the Cardinal gets the position they want.

In order to get what they want, the Bears probably need at least a victory over Stanford tomorrow, and maybe two. No matter what they do, it’s been a season to be proud of and now they will be rewarded with a postseason berth. They can only hope that berth comes with a favorable seeding. Go Bears!