As the summer drags on, I’m going to take a closer look at the various recruits that M..."/> As the summer drags on, I’m going to take a closer look at the various recruits that M..."/>

Men’s Basketball Scouting Report: Dominic Artis


As the summer drags on, I’m going to take a closer look at the various recruits that Mike Montgomery is pursuing. Today, the report is on Dominic Artis, one of the top point guards on the West Coast and a player that has received a Cal offer. He’s quickly picking up steam in recruiting circles, and on the cusp of a big breakthrough in their rankings.

While Cal recruits like Brandon Ashley received plenty of attention early in their high school days, Artis went by unheralded and largely ignored by bigger schools. Artis attended Salesian high school his junior year, but is transferring to Findlay Prep. For a player already shooting up the charts, playing at a national powerhouse should only increase his stock. He’s known for his handle, able to make any defender look foolish. But what else does the slight point guard bring to the table?

Athleticism: I haven’t seen him in the open floor much, but I do know that with the ball in his hands Artis is quick. He may be one of those guys quicker with the ball in his hands, executing moves in the blink of an eye. He has very small arms, a potential liability on the defensive arm. He can jump a bit, dunking at 6-1 (generously listed).

Ball handling:  The legendary status of Artis’ handle is well-deserved; when you make a grown man fall down with the dribble, it’s impressive. He has every move in the arsenal: crossover, behind the back, between the legs, pull-up. He does it all quick, meaning the moves are not all for show, but get him where he wants to go. The ball does get a little bit high, but that’s nothing a little more development can’t fix.

Passing: Very good at the little scoop pass off the dribble to a big. Good vision, can see the court well and find the open man. The flashy pass he loves to make doesn’t work so well at the next level, but that’s nothing a 5 turnover opening game can’t teach him. Has the accuracy, zip, and vision that you look for. No qualms here.

Finishing: Can finish at the hole with either hand, important for a little guy who needs to protect the ball from shotblockers. Can pull up and do a floater as well. Knows when to pull it out if he knows he’s going to get swatted. Not going to dunk unless he’s got an open floor and nobody near him. Average finisher.

Jump shot: Good follow-through, not a really big arc but enough to be a good stroke. Releases it at his head; if he’s in traffic, he might have problems getting his shot off. It’ll need work to be a viable threat at the next level, but his shot is not a weakness at this point.

Overall Evaluation: Dominic Artis is a good point guard prospect, especially in a weak class for points. He might not be an immediate starter at the next level, just because he’s so small and needs to gain some weight to defend at the next level. But in a couple of years, whoever lands him might be getting a big-time player. A player with this handle and athleticism will find playing time eventually, and if his secondary skills develop, then he’s an upper-echelon point guard. I’d say his ceiling is a player in the mold of Jerome Randle.

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