Introducing the 2012 Cal Basketball Recruiting Board


We here at Golden Bear Lair are continuing to increase our coverage of recruiting, and we have exciting news in that regard. The Golden Bear Basketball Recruiting Board has been completed, and can now be found on the ‘Recruiting 2012’ link under Basketball on the top bar.

The Board features every player, to our knowledge, that the coaching staff is recruiting in the Class of 2012. We can’t make any promises that we didn’t miss a player or two, but this is every recruit that the major scouting services (Rivals, Scout, and ESPN) list that consider the Bears.

The board can be found in spreadsheet form here. To discuss this board and post links to all 2012 Mens Basketball Recruiting news, here.

Here’s a couple of note to make reading it easier:

-If the player is highlighted in red, it means that the player is committed to another school. Or in other words, not coming to Cal.

-If a player is highlighted in yellow, then that means the player is a Cal commit. Kaileb Rodriguez is the only one at this time.

-No eval, or no ev, means that the player has a profile on the recruiting site but no star rating. N/A or N/L means the player is not acknowledged by the site.

-If Cal is not mentioned in the Considering column, it probably means that the prospect is not going to Cal. Probably less than 25%, or not likely at all.

-Send us an email at goldenbearlair@yahoo or post a comment if you have any questions, comments, or if you’d like to assist on covering Basketball Recruiting.

-The spreadsheet will be updated at not yet determined intervals. I’ll just update the spreadsheet whenever I hear news.

Here’s to a great recruiting year. Go Bears!