David Esquer, the 2011 National..."/>

David Esquer, the 2011 National..."/>

David Esquer has signed a 5 year contract extension


David Esquer, the 2011 National Coach of the Year, isn’t going anywhere. Today, he signed a contract extension spanning 5 years into the future, which should give him plenty of time to build upon the team’s highly successful 2010-2011 campaign. Esquer, who’s been at Cal since 2001, has led the Golden Bears to the postseason 4 teams in his time at the school.

After Esquer and his staff stuck with the school after they cut the program, there was little doubt that they wouldn’t make him an offer at an extension after the program was reinstated. Reaching the College World Series and having one of the most successful seasons in school history just insured it was a matter of when, not if. As the months dragged in the summer, there was some anxiety of when it would get done, but those fears have been assuaged; Esquer will be back managing the program for the foreseeable future.

This extension should be an aid to the program as it tries to get back the recruiting prowess it had before the cutting of the team all but killed the class of 2011, which only has three members currently. Esquer’s on the field results have been questionable at times, but he’s produced plenty of big leaguers from his recruiting and consistently gotten upper-echelon talent. With job security now on his side, recruiting should approach the levels that we’ve seen in the past, where Esquer signed players like Tony Renda and Justin Jones, immediate impact players.

It will be very intriguing to see what direction Esquer takes this program in the coming five year. Will it be like his beginning times at Cal, where he reached the NCAA Tournament once? Or will it be like the last four years, with three NCAA Tournament participants and a College World Series berth? Only time will tell. Go Bears!