I’ll note that before we begi..."/>

I’ll note that before we begi..."/>

A very early look at the Baseball Team next season


I’ll note that before we begin with this exercise that this is a bit early to guess how things will shake out and there is no promise the team will look like this. However, I’m a bit hungry for baseball news and I thought this would be a fun exercise. So here we go; the super early Cal baseball potential starting line-up next year:

(The returns of Matt Flemer and Chadd Krist is assumed in this situation, as neither has indicated anything to the contrary)


Chadd Krist

First Basemen: Devon Rodriguez

Second Base: Tony Renda

Third Base: Mitch Delfino

Shortstop: Derek Campbell

Left Field: Vince Bruno

Center Field: Darrel Matthews

Right Field: Chad Bunting

Designated Hitter: Andrew Knapp

Mid-Week Starter: Michael Jordan

Friday Starter: Justin Jones

Saturday Starter: Kyle Porter

Sunday Starter: Logan Scott

Relievers: Joey Donofrio, Stephen Pistoresi

Closer: Matt Flemer

While there’s still much to be decided (only two relief pitchers?) I figure that this is a good enough look at what the team will look like next year. From my perspective, this looks like a squad that’s fully capable of having a similar season to last year’s, and potentially a better portion in Pac-12 play. Hopefully this squad will replicate the run to Omaha. Go Bears!