Thoughts from 2011 Cal Football Fan Appreciation Day


Last Saturday was the annual Fan Appreciation Day event for the Cal Football team, and like the games this year it cannot take place at Memorial Stadium. They chose to have the event at Underhill Field which is the field used by students in the dorm areas. Given it’s proximity to the students and public transportation I think this was a great place to have the event. Outside the event there were several booths with giveaways and food, such as Pepsi sponsored Cal iPhone covers, free Rubio samples and 7-11 slurpee coupons (that the closest 7-11s were not accepting).

The event itself was what you’d expect, everyone who came in could get a 2011 Cal Football poster and there were Cal players all around to get autographs. The seniors had their own tables (two separate lines for offense and defense) and at the far end of the field was a huge line for Jeff Tedford. I was able to make it through both lines and received autographs from Tedford, all the seniors, and for good measure I got Keenan Allen and Zach Maynard knowing that both will be the reason that Cal Football returns to glory this year.

Unfortunately the band wasn’t there, but the Dance Team was there, even giving out autographs and a poster. It was also one of the first chances to see the new Cheer Squad, a new member of the spirit groups, which we will see more of as the year goes on. Mic Men and Rally Comm was there too, as you could get pictures with the Cal Flag and the Cannon, which will be at AT&T in some capacity!

Were you at Fan Appreciation Day? We’d love to see your thoughts and see your photos in the comments section! Can you believe the season opener is less than a week away now? Make sure you find a way to get to Candlestick and prevent San Francisco from being overrun with Fresno St. fans! The stadium is red enough!