College Football Week 5 Betting Picks


5-2 last week. 16-9 on the year. Kind of cleaning up… *knock on wood*

Don’t see a whole lot this week, Pac 12 or otherwise. Starting to think the SEC superweights (Bama and LSU), and potentially OU, will cover nearly any reasonable spread.

Pac 12 picks:
USC by 12 over Arizona. Another week passes, and yet again USC screws me. I must be having some issues comprehending how they’re falling back to earth rapidly despite the talent on their roster, and the fact that I don’t think they’ve had any huge injuries. Impressive win by ASU as well I suppose. In any case, I haven’t learned my lesson. Arizona appears to be a bottom-third Pac12 team this year and at home USC should beat them by 2 TDs. Because I pick them, they won’t, but they should.

Colorado by 3 vs WSU: Picking Colorado, though this one will be very interesting. If WSU is really out of the doldroms this could be a great game.. I’d like their chances much better at home and/or with Tuel though. Colorado’s home/road disparity continued last week, as predicted, with a thumping at a down Ohio State.

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ASU by 18 vs Oregon State. Surprised by the Sun Devils last week. Wish we could put a 20 point pasting on the Trojans like that once a decade or so. Wouldn’t bet this (pretty ideal let down game), but its tough to say ASU can’t cover this spread after what they did to USC last week. Oregon State’s loss to a bad UCLA team at home makes me feel a little easier too. ASU.

Stanford by 21 vs UCLA. Stanford. And this prediction doesn’t even deserve a full sentence of covera..

UW +10 at Utah. Utah may be at altitude and a decent team, but I saw a pretty talented offensive squad last week. If UW’s defense doesn’t blow every other coverage I think they can win this one outright.

Boise by 28 over Nevada. I made a small bet on Boise last weekand got backdoored, but this week I’m thinking it’ll be different with the Broncos at home against a Nevada team that doesn’t look too strong. Picking Boise.

Wisconsin by 10 vs Nebraska. Welcome to the Big101112+ Nebraska. In the reddest stadium in history, the Big 10 would like you to believe that this is the beginning on a major new rivalry. And I sort of buy that, but at this time I’ve been pretty impressed with Russell Wilson and Wisconsin,and its in Madison. I like Wisconsin.