Saturday Hangover: Cal News Week 6


The Cal Golden Bears lost to the Washington State Cougars this past weekend, again. This marks the fourth loss of the season, and their third in a row. Lets get to some news around the Cal world to get us ready for next week:

First things first, we have some great news. Yesterday, Joel Willis was injured on the second half kick-off and carried off the field. He seems to be doing alright. He was released earlier today. Always a welcome sight when an injured player is doing fine.

Jared Goff is the official Cal record holder for most passing yards in a game. The stats were corrected this morning and he surpassed quarterback Pat Barnes, who set the record in 1996.

Hunter Hewitt says that there were three big things we learned from this loss to the Cougars. Quite frankly, number two is the scariest one of all. It needs to get fixed if Cal wants to win another game this season.

Also, if you wanted to see Hewitt’s game rewind, you can get that here. Though, frankly, do you want to rehash that game?

Center Chris Adcock is out for the season. When it rains it pours, right?

Jeff Faraudo wrote a few interesting tidbits on his game rewind. But, his best piece this weekend has to be this one, which tells us about some interesting things Sonny Dykes and the rest of the staff is going to start doing in order to fix the defensive issues. I doubt they work, but you never know. Duel-threat guys work…sometimes.

If you wanted to see Sonny Dykes’ post-practice news conference, you can see it here on YouTube.

A couple of news and notes around the Pac-12:

A strange week for the Pac-12. This is the kind of thing we have to look forward to this coming weekend when UCLA hosts Cal at the Rose Bowl…Connor Halliday is a hero after this weekend over in Pullman…Washington is still in play for a nice bowl game after the loss this weekend. Good, cause they really played beyond expectations. The North is stacked this season…ESPN Gameday will also be there for the Oregon/Washington matchup this weekend.