Cal Players to Watch against UCLA

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The Receiving Corps (Bryce Treggs, Chris Harper and Richard Rodgers)

The trio of sophomores Bryce Treggs and Chris Harper, and junior Richard Rodgers has been very good. They have picked up a combined 88 receptions for 1,242 yards and six touchdowns. They are all very fast, very smart when it comes to field vision and a high execution rate of route running. The bottom line is these kinds are good, young, smart and productive. It of course helps to have a quarterback who throws 59 times in a game.

The problem is, these kids are going up against one of the best secondaries in the conference. If they had a tough time last week, which I can tell you from watching in person that they did, they are going to have an even tougher time this weekend. UCLA loves to pick players off (they already have seven picks) and unless the Cal receivers have an errorless game and Goff is perfect, the likelihood is that this trent will continue. That said, these three are very good at keeping the secondary from dominating. Let’s see if they can do that this weekend.