UCLA Football: Players to Watch

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Brett Hundley-Quarterback

When a player has a lot of expectations, more often than not, they don’t live up to them. You can point to any number of first round draft picks in the NFL or NBA, top-end prospects in the Majors and so on. The same can be said about four and five star recruits making their way from high school to college. I can name you all these great high schoolers who were supposed to change the college football or college basketball landscape and didn’t. Brett Hundley was one of these players who was set to not only change the college game, but supposed to change UCLA football forever. He came in as this highly touted prospect from Arizona with great footwork and a lot of upside.

He has the same great footwork, and I think he may have surpassed all of the “potential” he had according to scouts. He has erased the decade long logjam of horrible quarterbacks at UCLA and has (with the help of a great coaching staff and talented players around him) changed the culture of UCLA football. So much so, that at this point, UCLA football is more likely to win a national championship in the next five years than the basketball program.

Hundley is the most underrated quarterback in the nation, and he’s still considered a top-10 pick in the next years NFL Draft. He could be a Heisman finalist, though in all likelihood, you will not see two players from the same conference this year (and Marcus Mariota is a for sure invite). He’s thrown for 1,059 yards, rushed for 242 yards, passed for nine touchdowns, rushed for three touchdowns and caught a touchdown pass. He is able to change the game with his running ability, his accurate arm, his arm strength and his great field vision.