UCLA Football: Players to Watch

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Jordon James-Tailback

Jordon James was not the number one half back coming out of high school. But, he was expected to be a major contributor for the Bruins. He has blossomed into just the latest star to play at the tailback position in Westwood. James is a balanced back. He can burn defenders with his speed or hit them in the mouth, causing them to take a step back in his presence. He has the kind of field vision that makes him dangerous to defend, because he is smart enough and savvy enough to be a step or two ahead of his opposition. He is also fast. Like real fast.

He plays as good as his predecessors did at this level and there is no reason to believe he won’t go out and do the same kind of thing against the very destroyed, very injured, unconfident Cal front seven. James, sits as UCLA’s leading rusher this season, at 463 yards on 74 carries and five scores. Look for him to have a big game against Cal’s front seven.