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Daily Morning Bears Dump: Cal Sports News Around the Web


Former Cal DL Kendrick Payne Discussed His Life As a Cal Athlete

“Football players, we’re definitely blessed,” he said. “I had an amazing experience at Cal.” When he first arrived, Payne said, his meal plan did not cover summer workouts, so there were times when he went hungry. One of his roommates, a fellow teammate, sent his entire cost-of-living stipend home to support his family, he said.

Cal Fans React To Sandy Barbour Stepping Down

“Not that it was terribly surprising, given some of the department’s struggles over the past few years, but the timing (middle of summer, no major decisions looming) was unexpected for me.  I’m left wondering why now?”

 “There was always a small but vocal minority that seemed to want Sandy gone, but the timing of it all is very curious to me as well.  Obviously I’m not privy to any of the back office machinations that may or may not have gone on, but I think generally Sandy has done a good job and if she’s being forced out it is a bummer.  Sure there is room for improvement, but name a place where there isn’t.  So really, I hope we make a really great hire on this otherwise I think we end up worse off.”

“I think Sandy did a pretty good job, with fundraising perhaps Sandy’s biggest area of opportunity. Still, I really appreciated her enthusiasm and support for ALL Cal sports and am very thankful she had the persistence to push through critical changes like the Memorial upgrade. I wish her best of luck in her next job – and I think the bar is pretty high for whomever comes in next.”

Cal football recruiting commit: Jake Kearney, College of San Mateo linebacker

Cal football introduced a new linebacker that has commited to them. For starters, he’ll be looking for playing time in a position group that already has an assumed first string in place with Hardy Nickerson, Michael Barton, and Jalen Jefferson. Then behind those three are a couple guys who broke out in spring with Ray Davison and Maximo Espitia, plus the hopefully returning Nathan Broussard and the freshmen arriving in fall. He is a linebacker for the future.  

Richard Solomon, Former Cal Basketball Player, To Play For Houston Rockets

All Berkeley fans know who this kid is. Former California men’s basketball standout center Richard Solomon will play with the Houston Rockets in the NBA Orlando Pro Summer League, the organization announced on Wednesday. Solomon completed his four years at Cal with 885 career points, including a career-best 22 against Syracuse in the 2013 NCAA Tournament.